The Cube® is a transformative game stage set-up the re-imagines what the live poker viewing experience really means.

Offering the audience a seat inside the game, The Cube® makes watching live poker in person with hole card information, live statistics, commentary and a front row seat o player’s strategic conversations a reality.


Poker fans crave real time information when watching poker live. The Cube® enables on-site fans to see every angle of gameplay – players’ hole cards, hand discussions, outs, the board, player reactions and everything in between caught by dedicated in-Cube cameras & displayed overhead to the audience.

Built from the ground up to provide a completely unique fan destination for live events – from LED light tracking to live hand projection – interactivity wrapped up in a platform developed to highlight the drama inherent to the game of poker and turn it into a legitimate spectacle live.


Pictures: Jeff Scheid – Las Vegas Review-Journal


On-site fans will now be able to get the same level of immersion – win/ loss percentages, hand analysis from experts & etc. – as they would watching top tier pre-recorded or livestreamed poker content. The difference: a real seat next to the live action.


The Cube® allows us to show every aspect of the game live with unique sound proofing & one way clear walls – the audience hears and sees the players, but the players can’t see or hear the audience.


The Cube® can be installed/ uninstalled nearly anywhere in 2 days – transportable via a custom 40 ft. GPL Container. Modular size means The Cube® can be set up to fit varying space restrictions and/ or competition needs – that means anywhere GPL goes, The Cube® follows.